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Shay Mitchell shows off her sexy sporty side for Self magazine

10.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
You can't go wrong with any of the lovely ladies from Pretty Little Liars but I still have a major soft (warm? fuzzy? trembling?) side for Shay Mitchell, the more exotic of the group, with her mixed Filipina heritage that reminds me of the girls I grew up with. I love that she's also the most unapologetic of the group, instantly telling Self Magazine that she's not going to have any haters try and pin body shaming bullshit on her just because she doesn't feel like starving herself to maintain an impossibly low body weight. Shay regularly posts workouts to her SnapChat, encouraging the young women who watch her show and look up to her to break a sweat to achieve their best bodies instead of torture themselves over calories.

Still, I've got to say that I notice a big difference between the last time that Shay did a shoot with Self, having shown off a lot more skin for that issue, in little bikinis. I love both of these sets of pictures though, mainly because it's the same Mitchell in both of them.

"Prepping for this cover made me feel strong and healthy, and that if I really set my goals to do something and followed through, I would see results and I definitely did."

Source: People


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