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Shay Mitchell's see through dress proves it's what's underneath that counts

05.08.2017by: No Cool Handle

Here's a perfect example of a hottie taking two steps forward and one step back. Many have been waiting a long time for Shay Mitchell to break out of her comfort zone and brave some bolder fashion decisions, like this completely sheer number she chose for the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. Here's a dress you needn't strain your eyes to see through, revealing The Pretty Little Liars star was wearing nothing but a pair of panties beneath. Then there's the rub: even though Shay made the agreeable choice to go braless, she undermined herself by slapping on the largest pasties I've ever f**king scene. A beautiful brassiere would've been more complementary than those flesh-colored roadblocks. Not only do they look awkward, they accomplish nothing other than to punctuate Shay Mitchell's failed attempt at suppressing her propensity for modesty – a damn shame if you ask me. No one's saying Ms. Mitchell should be forced to do anything she's not comfortable with doing, but this middle-of-the-road effort to prove she's capable of playing the unabashed fashion game comes off as disingenuous.

Source: NS4W


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