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Shay Mitchell makes for a much sexier holiday season

12.03.2015by: No Cool Handle

Since Halloween has become the preferred holiday to use as an excuse for hot girls to dress in fantasy, slutty outfits, Christmas seems like the obvious choice to be the holiday of a more conservative sexy. Luckily I have these Shay Mitchell pictures to visually represent my point. Here she showed up to some promotional event for Delta Airlines called the holiday in the hangar, looking all kinds of foxy. The short dress and f*#k me boots is one of my absolute favorite looks, now, with a little Yuletide garnish – the Santa hat. I wonder what other seasonal flourishes would enhance this appealing look? A tinsel bra? A red, suede, Christmas bow pllaced right above the ass? If anyone can make any of this work, it's this raven-haired beauty; she's already the stuff fantasies are made of. Don't think so? Then why do you think that polar bear's wearing a giant necktie all the way down to his feet? It's not to promote Coca-Cola, but a clever ruse, used to conceal his polar bear erection.

Source: nsfw


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