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Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale & Holland Roden are hotties mending hearts

06.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor
"Pretty Little Liars" stars Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale, as well as "Teen Wolf" star Holland Roden were a few of the hotties on hand in Malibu over the weekend for the 7th Annual Children Mending Hearts charity event. The foundation helps to raise money for educational and creative resources for children in underprivileged areas of the US (the money tends to go to books and toys/playgrounds in poor neighborhoods) and this year the beautiful people got together on a private estate to help gain awareness in a fundraiser entitled "Empathy Rocks: A Day of Fun In the Sun and Giving Back." I have to wonder when I see these things if they ever think to invite some of those kids that they're raising money for. The ones you see whose parents feed them a steady diet of ramen, Banquet frozen chicken nugget meals and store brand soda bought with food stamps. Probably not, but it's more important that they get the tools to help them do better in school so that they can aspire to a better life, right? That's got to be a good enough reason for these beautiful gals to cover up the cleavage in order to keep minds on the more pertinent issues at hand.  
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