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Shay Mitchell is shades of cleavy for new photoshoot

01.25.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Looks like we're going to be getting another new reality show queen. Shay Mitchell, who is coming off a successful run on the ABC Family Channel show, Pretty Little Liars, later this year will be featured in a show called Shades of Shay, according to the people over at Coveteur, who recently interviewed the actress regarding her status as a fashion & makeup icon for young women. Mitchell talked about how she got semi-permanent eyelash extensions and ended up with a really bad reaction, causing her to swear off something like that again in the future. She also speaks heavily about taking care of your skin in order to look good in makeup, including drinking lots of water, getting sleep and keeping makeup off when on an airplane, since flying apparently f*cks with your skin. Whatever she's doing, I hope she keeps doing it because girlfriend is fine as hell. As for her being a reality show maven, I'd much rather see her find her footing in another scripted TV role instead because no one ever comes off well in those E! shows.
Source: Coveteur


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