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Shay Mitchell in a sun dappled photoshoot for Raven & Lily makes your Friday hotter

01.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just in case you're not over-the-moon excited to see Shay Mitchell in the Gary Marshall directed comedy, MOTHER'S DAY, which features what one can only imagine a bumbling Jennifer Aniston & Kate Hudson doing their best to rom-com pratfall one another to death, here's a photoshoot that Shay did for the clothing line, Raven & Lily. There's a lot of sun and all natural openness to the shoot, where Shay manages to make even a far too fancy looking pair of PJs look sexy. If you're hoping that there might be something more than this staged slice of perfection, you might want to wait until sometime later in 2016 when Mitchell will be featured in the Robert Schwartzman (yes, little bro of Jason) directed comedy, DREAMLAND, which has to be far closer to the oddball delivery of a Wes Anderson flick, although presumably it won't be all that much further from the schmaltz that Marshall's film will contain. It'll just be trendier, more hipster friendly schmaltz. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. 
Source: Instyle


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