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02.23.2011by: JoBlo

Ever since we re-launched as back in December of 2009, we've been pumping all kinds of updates through its veins, as we added email notifications, wall comments, the "fanbox", the top 100 badges and more during our recent MFC 2.2. upgrade, and we've been very happy to see our members grow from around 48,000 to 68,000 these days. If you haven't checked out our movie community yet, remember that it's FREE TO JOIN and it allows you to post across the entire JoBlo Movie Network as well.

Today's MFC updates integrates the rest of the JoBlo Movie Network with Movie Fan Central, by allowing you to "share" all news articles from, Arrow in the Head, the Digital Dorm and Moviehotties to your MFC profile, by a "click on your mouse". Under each news article, you will now see the MFC BUTTON, which when clicked upon, will automatically add that story to your profile, for all your friends to see and comment upon.

You can also add a JoBlo Video to your MFC profile, simply by clicking on the MFC button under any video in that section.

We hope these updates will allow all of our sites to gel closer together and improve your overall movie fan experience on the JoBlo Movie Network. JoBlo Mobile will also be launching soon, so stay tuned for that as well...



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