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Shape keeps the focus on Kate Beckinsale's impressive midriff

01.04.2017by: No Cool Handle

There's a tactic social media models use when releasing a photo shoot – basically, they milk it for all it's worth. A few select images are initially released and then more photos are posted as time goes on. It's a good way to keep their accounts stocked with fresh content at no additional cost. It appears magazines like Shape are following suit; the way in which photos from Kate Beckinsale's featured issue have trickled out over the past few weeks is beyond ridiculous. The way in which all of the content has trickled out, for that matter, is really annoying. From the scattershot way chosen images have dropped, to the behind-the-scenes videos, Shape needs to unload already. (Does anyone else get the feeling they're taking advantage of our obsession with Kate Beckinsale, like a drug dealer who knows we'll inevitably come back for more?) Anyway, here's the latest batch of fruit bore from this never-ending collaboration – a couple of images fit for print, and some stills from an impossible-to-find behind-the-scenes video. Standby for more.

Source: Shape


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