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Shanina Shaik is mouthwatering in the latest Ocean Drive

01.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've pondered this before when I've posted about her but I still don't understand how Shanina Shaik isn't a bigger name in the modeling world. With her caramel complexion and blueish, greenish, hazelish eyes that bore into the furthest depths of your soul, it's shocking that Shaik isn't known for more than runway shows and catalog work. Only in more recent years has Shanina stepped up to Victoria's Secret print work and a smattering of big name modeling gigs where she's appeared on the cover, in this case the February 2016 issue of Ocean Drive magazine. Shaik did make a few headlines this month when she announced that she was engaged to Jimbo Fahy aka DJ Ruckus (because what brother in his right mind would choose to go by the name Jimbo istead?) after 7 months of dating. Lucky bastard gets to cuddle up to all 5 feet 9 inches of that lovely Aussie and we get... to look at their Instagram pictures. Woooo. 
Source: Hawt Celebs


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