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Shanina Shaik back in bikinis is a good sign that beach season has begun

04.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

It takes a certain kind of hottie to get thousands of loyal followers on social media to engage in lengthy conversations about a thigh gap; an odd new obsession spreading across the land. It's the tiny area under the vag before the thighs curve inward, creating a triangular shaped gap (the last photo being the best example). Apparently it's awesome, but I've always been to busy looking at the sexy area an inch above it to notice. Shanina Shaik is one such babe who's capable of igniting passionate discussions over what is essentially an empty space. It gives you an idea of how closely people examine this bikini model extraordinaire. Take a cue from that when perusing the newly released collection of photos from Next Swimwear. Besides being an excellent way to herald the 2016 beach season, these pictures offer up all kinds of anatomical minutia that will likely have social media junkies talking for days, even weeks, on end.

Source: NSFW


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