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Shakira is the spicy ingredient in Cosmopolitan Chile

01.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

How great would it be if there was a quantifiable way to estimate the total number of man hours spent fantasizing about Shakira, back when she was in her prime? I bet the resulting number would be astronomical because there was a time when so many of the world's citizens took part in obsessing over the hourglass figure of this Colombian sexpot. If the thick cloud of sexuality emanating from her person isn't enough to renew your Shakira obsession, perhaps her $220 million net worth will help. I'd gladly play the kept man to live in the kind of luxury $220 million affords. Cosmopolitan Chile (who knew such a thing existed) should have included that monetary figure in their shoot – Shakira's rounded out ass sitting on top of stacks and stacks of Benjamins. It's not like she needs a quarter billion dollars to make her all the more appealing, but it sure as shit doesn't hurt.


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