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Shakira is a leggy bubblegum princess at Zootopia premiere

02.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's been a year since Shakira gave birth to her second child and I never figured how much I would miss her. At the red carpet premiere of ZOOTOPIA, the gorgeous Colombian showed off her fit stems while waving and smiling at the press. She's in the movie as the voice of a Gazelle, a character I can only assume is a, well, gazelle. The movie is full of great people, from Kristen Bell to Alan Tudyk, all pros in the voice-over game, although this is the first acting gig in a film for Shakira. I wasn't sure at first if I was digging this new, motherly, dolled up thing that the famous-for-butt-shaking singer is doing but everyone has to grow up a bit eventually and if there's anyone who can make a bubblegum pink 1950's housewife thing look sexy, it's definitely Shakira. 
Source: Pop Sugar


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