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Shailene Woodley was a metallic Grecian goddess at Big Little Lies premiere

02.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor
We overlooked the premiere of the HBO series Big Little Lies last week, mainly because the actresses involved in the project were dressed rather conservatively for the event, something that doesn't always appeal to you horndogs. (And for those who constantly try to point out that Reese Witherspoon's 17-year old daughter is her mini, has everyone forgotten what Reese's ex, Ryan Phillippe looked like? Because she looks like her daddy. In fact, Reese & Ryan looked like brother & sister when they were a couple, so get over it already. We don't need to be trying to make Ava into her mother's clone. Chill, fashion magazine sites. Reese still has plenty of juice in her.)

That aside, it was another great night of fashion for Shailene Woodley, who has managed to find a precarious compromise to her own sense of eco-friendly fashions and the need to still show off that she's a sexy young actress deserving of the spotlight. The metallic Grecian-style dress showed off Shailene's curves while highlighting her unique beauty and still not coming off overpowering. I like the little expressions she has when partnered up for pics with Nicole Kidman & Laura Dern, polar opposites of how to handle aging in this industry. Shay clearly emulates Laura, who has never been classically beautiful but has always been outrageously sexy in how she owns her style. Hopefully it only reinforces her choices over the years.

Source: People


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