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Shailene Woodley slips her nice genes into some nice jeans

03.15.2016by: Droz

Curious what kind of shenanigans are transpiring under Shailene Woodley's fuzzy sweater while walking into this building yesterday. I wasn't aware she had that much in the sweater puppies department. I can only assume she opted for the enhancing undergarments when she got up that morning. No surprises with the rest of Shailene though. I hear people giving her a lot of crap because she isn't the traditional beauty. That might be true, but she's not exactly ugly either. One important thing to rectify with her is how little credit Shailene gets for the fantastic things happening on the rest of her. For one thing, she's got two of the most beautiful legs I've ever seen. They're just perfect. She's not too shabby in the butt area either, as these pics point out. Besides all the physical stuff, Shailene also seems like a cool person. I have no complaints about her, other than a mild irritation with these INSURGENT movies. But that's another issue.

Source: GotCeleb


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