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Shailene Woodley makes cute faces at Snowden press conference

08.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Call her a crunchy little retro hippie, I don't mind. But honestly, I don't understand people who think that Shailene Woodley is ugly. Putting aside the basic outer aesthetic, Woodley is civic minded, speaking up at political rallies and protest groups and not just talking out of her ass. She actually lives the life she preaches, using recycled products and artisan wares instead of taking the freebies from the huge companies who shill swag bags at the splashy events she attends. Don't forget that she's talented. Her husky voice, her emotive expressions are all of what makes me (and others) want to watch her in movies. Sure, she might just be the young female version of Sean Penn but with a better sense of humour and a lack of unbridled anger, but I like that she's fresh and different from most. And I happen to think she's a babe, especially when those hazel eyes crinkle around the edges when she smiles and laughs.
Source: CelebMafia


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