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Shailene Woodley leaked a little cleavage at the Snowden premiere

09.15.2016by: Droz

Anyone get the feeling like this SNOWDEN movie is little more than a blatant cash in? Are they really saying anything we need to know or couldn't learn from all the other sources on the topic already available to us? Also, what I have seen of it looks awfully cheesy and not at all deserving of the seriousness this issue deserves. Rhys Ifans character in particular just seems silly as the looming government spook, lurking around in the shadows and making his thinly veiled threats. Silly.

The quality of the production isn't the only issue I have with elements of this movie. There's also Shailene Woodley, with whom I've had some difficulty. I actually like her as an actress. She's got a feistiness I can appreciate. I just don't know how attractive I find her. She has a nice body, great legs in particular. But is she pretty? That's a tougher one. I guess she is, sometimes. But to get to the root of my issues with her, I have to delve into superficiality and admit that I really don't like her smile. Sorry, but for me it does her no favors in the beauty department. She's not alone there. I feel the same way about Alexandra Daddario, who many would call one of the most beautiful women around. I guess if Shailene avoids comedies and stays either pissed off or sad, I'm cool with her. Yeah, that sounds assholish to me too.

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