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Shailene Woodley graces InStyle magazine with her longer locks

02.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Fine, I get it. I shouldn't automatically be referring to Shailene Woodley as an indisputable babe since there are dissenters who argue that statement. But if the main complaint you had with Shailene's looks had to do with that short haircut she took on during the filming of her roles in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and the DIVERGENT series, rest easy because it appears that the actress is well on her way to growing it back out. The photoshoot that Woodley did for the March 2016 issue of InStyle magazine are colored in soft pastels and aren't trying to sell her as a sex symbol (something that men's magazine GQ did last year) but rather a strong young lady with class and presence. But fear not, because Shailene doesn't seem to care what your opinion is one way or the other. In an interview with the magazine she explained, "I've come to realize it's really none of our business what other people think about us and the more time and energy we spend obsessing about that, the more we're trying to be a certain way for other people instead of ourselves." Call it whatever you want, I like this chick.
Source: E Online


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