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Shae Brock looks like a delicious dish

06.24.2016by: Droz

You might remember a little while ago when I posted some pics of singer and 138 Water model Shae Brock doing the usual thing a water wench is expected to do, namely wear hot bikinis and frolic down beaches. Pretty cute, right? She's not the usual sort they feature in their constant stream of viral imagery, which tend to be the swimsuit/lingerie model types or the hotties with the ample T&A. Shae looks very much like someone in the cute pop star genre she belongs to, with maybe a touch of showy inclination. Which would put her in parity with pretty much every other cute pop star nowadays. No matter which nook she fits into, I like Shae a lot. She's adorable and she looks super hot in a swimsuit or a pair of cut off shorts, which just happen are characteristics I hold in the highest regard.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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