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Sexy TwitPics: Yovanna Ventura

02.07.2017by: No Cool Handle

You can look at Yovanna Ventura's unmitigated success on social media and rightfully attribute some of it to the "Bieber bump." It's been over two years since the Miami Beach local was seen walking hand-in-hand with he-who-shall-not-be-named, yet in that lengthy period of time she hasn't been able to inject that same juice into her professional career. She's extremely popular on platforms like Twitter and Instagram (more details on that in a minute), and desired by countless sorry sods like myself, but that incredible form of hers hardly makes appearances in prestigious periodicals, nor where it should be, helping popular designers sell their latest line of bikinis. For the love of God, why not? As this little rummage through Yovanna's posted pics will prove, the girl is fit for active, high profile, modeling duties. More than just a great ass (and proficient at exploiting it), Ms. Ventura is the total sexy package, an eye-pleasing treat from head to toe.

Now, saying her professional career hasn't yet skyrocketed isn't the same as saying there's a shortage of dudes with DSL's lining up to take her photograph; far from it. You don't need a keen eye to know this girl belongs in front of the lens. And to be fair, Yovanna dedicates some time that could be spent working towards her aspirations advocating for the well-being of animals (Damn, she's an animal lover as well – I'm in love). As you'll no doubt notice from some of her pics, one Yovanna's favored animals is the canine, which significantly ups her appeal. Dog lovers tend to have very giving, open personalities; a characteristic that complements her curvaceous body and raises her desirability by a factor of 10. Plus, she walks them dogs with her ass hanging out, making what was once a chore into an exciting activity I wouldn't mind sharing with her... three or four times a day. Seriously, I would look forward to the next time our dog had to take a shit.

#Don'tActUnimpressed! This selfie addict has garnered almost 5 million followers on Instagram. Curious, why some of these hotties don't just stick to the platform on which they dominate? Her measly 8k followers on Twitter would migrate over to Instagram the moment they're instructed to do so; a lot of them probably already have. The more Twitter becomes the province of ornery politicians, the more younger birds will continually flock to Instagram. #StakeYourOwnClaim! As time goes by, Yovanna Ventura will no longer be defined by her past celebrity associations – chalk it up to capricious youth – and the beautiful Latina will become a formidable figure in the modeling world. #TellMeSomethingIDon'tKnow! Once past the pupa stage, the world will know what 5 million Yovanna loyalist already know: The mere sight of this girl is enough to put steam in a man's stride.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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