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Sexy TwitPics: Yanet Garcia

07.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Since were living in a time when movies are being remade with the lead role of a male antagonist being replaced with someone of the female persuasion, may I suggest: when the inevitable day comes some greedy studio executive decides to remake Groundhog Day, Yanet Garcia be the one who plays the ornery weather girl who's doomed to repeat history's dumbest holiday; she can draw on her own life experience as Mexico's finest meteorologist. Did I say Mexico's finest? – How about the hottest weather girl in the world, at any given moment in time. That's not hyperbole, that's the honest-to-goodness truth. As you'll see from our sexy journey through her life on social media, she's also a top contender for the esteemed title of Hottest Ass On Record. CO2 may not be the only thing responsible for this summer's record high temperatures.

Besides being gifted with the ability to present weather patterns to the public, Ms. Garcia is indicative of what this young generation of hotties is becoming. Take a look at the very first photo in this set – an over the shoulder shot of her impressive backside, nicely composed, hardly any motion blur from an unsteady hand, at a moment of excellent posturing. A hottie who redefines the term jack of all trades as one who can do many different types of work, and at the the same time, be a master of them all. Both photographer and subject, marketer and distributor; it won't be long before a selfie taken with a smart phone is indistinguishable from a high resolution, DSLR shot taken by a seasoned professional. Almost any one of her photos can be used to make the case that Yanet has truly mastered the vain art of the selfie.

390K followers on Twitter, 2.4M on Instagram. (Another sign that Twitter is slowly being boxed out by Instagram; Twitter is becoming the place for the older crowd). What other meteorologist in the world has 2.4 million followers? None. That's because nobody tracking cold fronts silhouettes like Yanet Garcia -- she's famous for her signature profile turn towards those weather stats no one's paying attention to. This is done for the same reason she posts endless pictures of her spandex-clad workout regimen, she knows the reason for her popularity. That kind of attention seeking behavior is understandable but she has made disingenuous statements like: "I'm surprised that people are interested in my Instagram page." I don't think any reasonable person would judge her for it; what hottie wouldn't milk a perfect backside for all it's worth? If anything we greatly appreciate it and look forward to a future full of more Yanet Garcia sexiness.

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