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Sexy TwitPics: Victoria Justice

04.23.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Last week, a shitty incident occurred that we will remember forever, but I think we can all agree that justice was served. I'm hoping I can (in some way or another) use this column to brighten the mood a little bit. And what better way to do that than with a second serving of justice?… Victoria Justice that is!

If you're a frequent visitor of MovieHotties (or the internet in general), you should have a good idea of who this Nick chick is. Victoria Justice is easily one of the most photogenic, beautiful creatures to enter Hottieville in the last few years. She's consistently turning heads with seemingly little effort, whether it's for her outstanding choices of style and fashion, or her all-around hotness. As she continues to voyage into her mid-twenties, Victoria continues to impress. Of course, what good is being an avid social-networker without a near-and-dear relationship with her fans? Well, when it comes to that sense of isolation some of the younger celebs get, Victoria seems to handle her shit really well. You may remember a couple weeks ago when these pics below came about, followed by a statement from Victoria's representatives denying they were real. Well, Victoria set the record straight...

I would take that class. My point is fessing up and having a sense of humor about yourself is a thousand times better than running for the hills and slowly spiraling into diva insanity. As you will see from her TwitPics, Victoria displays a much more tolerable, fun kind of insanity. Looking at the spontaneity of her Twitter and Instagram galleries, it looks like she pretty much has Nickelodeon's brand of humor in her DNA. She's very productive with them both, and you really never know what to expect. Occasionally, her nerdy side will come out by accident, too.

Over the course of about a year, Victoria's Twitter page has gone from having 1 million to over 4 million followers. Those who have chosen to join in have seen Victoria swimming with dolphins, making out with Spongebob, dressing up as Abraham Lincoln, using a magic wand to turn her dog into a boot, performing on stage, showing you her various outfits at all different angles, and looking gorgeous, of course. If any of those things interest you in the slightest, you can start stalking her HERE. Otherwise, happy scrolling, everybody!



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