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Sexy TwitPics: The Cast of Scream Queens

09.22.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Tonight sees the premiere of Fox's brand new series Scream Queens, and hopefully we'll get some of these nagging questions answered. Who will survive the pilot? Will the "horror" properly balance out the "comedy"? Will Jamie Lee Curtis make endless tongue-in-cheek HALLOWEEN references? You'll just have to wait and see. For now, let's use this as an opportunity to recognize the hottie-studded cast by enjoying their selfies. Okay, the term "hottie-studded" may be pushing it a little, as I'm sure not everyone is keen to each and every celebrity on the program (there are quite a few). Regardless, most of these girls have already grabbed my heart, personally, and I can only hope their next movie isn't to stuff it in a bad and go for the intestines next. While there are 6 actresses featured in this gallery, some are bigger Twitter fiends than others, so we'll introduce them by order of prominence. Starting with...

Julia Roberts's daughter?.. I suppose that's an okay start. Emma Roberts had a lot of convincing to do, as do most actors with famous parents, but Emma's grown on me pretty seemlessly. With two seasons of American Horror Story now on her resume, Scream Queens aught to suit her just fine, even if just for a season (knowing Fox, that's not impossible). You can check out more of Emma's Instagram antics over here. Next up...

Ariana Grande represents what's practically a war zone for dudes on the internet to argue over their taste in women, specifically in terms of how young she looks. As time goes on, however, more and more have said "to hell with it" as the 22-year-old continues to mature. Not to mention her uproaring career as a pop star with "subliminal" sex messages, which might explain her current 43.6 million followers on Instagram. Snap.

Fox is really trying to squeeze every last drop of magic out of their Glee success, throwing Lea Michele into the mix. Lea's pics may be the toughest to sell to anyone who hasn't already been a fan, although I'm certain she has fans. She's the second most "popular" on social media, behind Grande, with 2.3 million followers. 41 million more to go, and she's good! Check her out here.

Next up is Lauren Palmer, who also goes by the first name Keke, Keeks, Kekizzle or Kiznyee according to her own Instagram page. She's probably better known for her dabblings in the music biz, but frankly, I knew nothing of Palmer until this week. From what I've learned, she has the support of 2.2 million followers, and enjoys wearing bikinis on occasion. That last part helps a lot.

Now, let's introduce the Scream Queen with perhaps the least recognizable face (though it sure is lovely, ain't it?), Skyler Samuels. No telling how long we'll be seeing Skyler on the program, but my fingers are crossed she'll be more familiar to us around this time next year. If not, well, you can always stalk her Instagram page over here.

Last but least is Little Miss Sunshine herself, Abigail Breslin. Of course, Breslin is somewhat new to the hottieverse, and as such, her visually enticing tweets aren't exactly of the abundant nature. However, it's nice that she's a part of the cast, even if it just means a few pics can be thrown in here. Check out her social media hijinks over here.

Now that that's settled, please enjoy this mash-up of cellphone photography, presented by the chicks of Scream Queens. Happy scrolling!



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