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Sexy TwitPics: The Cast of Pitch Perfect 2

05.12.2015by: Salacious Crumb

They're back, pitches! The sing-a-long sequel PITCH PERFECT 2 has got everyone and their mom (well, mostly the moms) excited to hit the theaters this weekend. Frankly, I would probably know nothing about the first one had it not been for all the hotties spread out along the cast. The only scenes I've caught from the first PITCH PERFECT are the shower scene and that ridiculous "cup audition" scene, which caused my eyes to roll back into my head and get stuck there. Regardless, it's tough to imagine holding a grudge against any of these hotties, let alone Anna Kendrick. So let's keep the, dare I say... harmony?

Of course, I've decided to throw all of these gals into one column just because I thought it'd be a fun idea. Having developed relationships through the PITCH PERFECT flicks, many of them are featured in each other's pictures, anyway (at least those from the last year or so). On top of that, most of the hotties in this gallery are actresses and not bikini models, so there are only so many "hot" pics to choose from, even between the bunch. The only one with enough sexy selfies to get their own feature here would be WWE diva C.J. Perry, and she's not even a part of the main cast. She literally posted the following image with the words "I am flawless"...

Jeez. Stay on your high horse, C.J. (and for god's sake, keep posting pics like this).

That's not to say there aren't some quality images from the rest of the cast to be found here. Trust me, this took literally hours of digging and research, but I do it only because I care. Featured in the following gallery are Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47 on Instagram), Brittany Snow (@brittsnowhuh on Instagram), Elizabeth Banks (@elizabethbanks on Instagram), Alexis Knapp (@alexisknapp on Instagram), Hailee Steinfeld (@haileesteinfeld on Instagram), Kelley Jakle (kelleyjakle on Instagram), Hana Mae Lee (@hanamaelee on Instagram), Chrissie Fit (@chrissiefit on Instagram), Anna Camp (@therealannacamp on Instagram) and C.J. Perry (@thelanawwe on Instagram).

If you're a fan of the movies, you should be able to distinguish the actresses from each other pretty easily. If not, well... open the image and read the name of the URL? I don't know. Do I have to think of everything around here? Happy scrolling!



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