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Sexy TwitPics: Sveta Bilyalova

12.27.2016by: No Cool Handle

In a time when a large sect of the American population is interested in a cozy relationship with Russia, a hottie like Sveta Bilyalova could be the sexy key to bridging the divide between the willing and the ever skeptical. A social media sensation hot enough to melt the snow covered plains of Siberia, Sveta is perhaps one of the Internet's hottest models you've never heard of. It's easier for this girl to catch followers than it is for most of us to catch a common cold, each sexy photo posted raking in about 100,000 likes. Her specialty? You guessed it, another fitness model guru. You see! There's common ground to be found with Russia. Their women have figured out how to make a living off of going to the gym, same as ours. F**k Tom Price, the President-elect should have picked Sveta Bilyalova for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

                                                    This is how you celebrate 3 million followers.

Possessing all the right ingredients – Gallon-sized fake tits, a pinch of pouty lips and a tight ass for that extra bit of flavor – Sveta Bilyalova is as perfectly brewed for social media as a large, steely pot of Borsch is to fine Ukrainian cuisine. Round peg, meet round hole – if pamphlets were given out on how to be successful with selfies, Sveta would be on the front fold with the promise of: You too can gain a shit-ton of followers, printed across the top. Or, just come to Joblo's Movie Hotties section and check out the images in the Sexy TwitPics column. By clicking through picture after picture of her beautiful ass, an impossibly tight midsection and erect nipples, mounted atop of some skilled surgeon's handiwork, her secret sauce for success suddenly becomes not-so-secretive.


#AreYouReadyForThis? 20K followers on Twitter, 4.5 MILLION(!) followers on Instagram. Yep, with nothing more than a cell phone and a Wi-Fi connection (and possibly driven by boredom during endless winters), this ravishing Rusky has enough people viewing her body to compete with hit television shows during ratings sweeps. #WhereToGoFromHere? With a legion of loyal lapdogs at her back, where does a hottie, who's list of talents begins and ends with working out, go from here? Has she peaked or will she see her numbers multiply once that amazing body ends up on the Internet uncovered? That's the next logical step, isn't it?  #FromRussiaWithLove. I'm convinced, only the love for this gorgeous brunette can move us past the animosity created by a long history of covert conflicts. #even-steven. If the Kremlin looks the other way as the CIA hacks her personal photos – which should inevitably lead to some nude selfies – we'll forgive Russia's cyber attack on our past election. Fair enough?

Source: TwitterInstagram


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