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Sexy TwitPics: Steph Claire Smith

11.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's easier for an A-list hottie to gather unto them a horde of devoted followers – or at the very least, it's a faster process. Their fame and notoriety often translates into an already established fan base seeking them out on any number of social media platforms, then following them. That's why we like to sometimes focus on a beautiful woman who achieved a kind of fame just by signing up on Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, ect.; but what else does it take? When you have a head of long, blonde hair, a beautiful face and a body built for bikinis (in particular, an ass that looks great in thongs), you might figure eighty percent of the battle is already won – and you wouldn't be too far off. But that last twenty percent comes with a multitude of tough challenges, meaning Steph Claire Smith had to remain dedicated, motivated and patient while seeking attention in a sea of endless competition. No easy task. It's that fighting, free spirit and entrancing ass that's led us all to this moment, where we take a good, hard look at one of Australia's most promising hottie prodigies.

But what do I really know about it? Let's see what Steph had to say about her Instagram process in an interview with GQ. "I'm not one to fuss too much over what goes up. If I take a photo, or have a nice photo, it doesn't matter what it is, I'll just share it if I want to. I think keeping it authentic and true to what's actually going on in my life works." That may be the voice of experience speaking but I find her analysis to be a bit disingenuous. It absolutely matters what the photo is, that's the reason why most of them focus on her hind parts and washboard stomach. In fact, many of her compositions make you wonder if a woman can be as singular in thought as a man. There are more than a few pics that don't even have her head in frame, proving it's not what's going on in her life that's drawing a crowd, it's what's going on with that bod.

                                                                      Exhibit A

#MuchRespect! This Aussie's business strategy mirrors that of Alexis Ren's. People see these lovely ladie's life in bikinis and exotic locales, envying them, desiring them and admiring them in varying measure. It's not just beautiful depictions of a flawless body [that] she's selling, it's the lifestyle that goes with it. Folks need vivid examples of a day filled with frivolous, carefree activities and this babe delivers hearty doses of that soothing medicine by steadily updating her social media accounts with fresh pics. Familiarizing yourself with her body of work may prove to be therapeutic.

                                                                       Exhibit B

#TallyHo! 4.7K followers on Twitter be damned; the only thing a low number like that proves is Twitter, not Steph Claire Smith, is the one underperforming, which will only get worse the more it becomes a place for 70-year-old President-elects to bitch about being treated unfairly, and not a place young hotties deem cool enough to flaunt their goods. Need proof? This lovely lass is sittin' pretty atop a mountain of 1 million followers on Instagram. #AtTheEndOfTheDay! Bottom line, she's off to an impressive start, her success thus far promising a sexy future full of hot-bodied images. The girl's only 22 and already there are countless booty pics throughout the internet to enjoy, and enjoy you shall. A female of Steph Claire Smith's distinction guarantees it.


Source: TwitterInstagram


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