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Sexy TwitPics: Sophie Turner

09.18.2012by: Salacious Crumb


Oh, the Twitterverse. There are no holds barred here. Consider the fact that in this day and age, we have an outlet to release spontaneous images of ourselves in our everyday lives, to the world, right at our fingertips. That's pretty amazing. Let's have a round of applause for that. Now take a look at how someone like Sophie Tuner uses this important technology. Standing ovation! That's what bridges the gap between an unlikely acheivement by mankind, and a miracle. Thankfully, Vida Guerra isn't the only hottie out there who loves to tweet photos of her outstanding humps. The Australian supermodel is notorious for striking the same exact "Jessica Rabbit" pose just about anytime she comes by a camera crew, and she knows what her Twitter-followers have come to expect from her. That pic above, for example, was cropped by Sophie, not myself (although great minds think alike). If you were to stalk her on Twitter, that's exactly what you'll get: the same repetitive (but never boring) curvaceous profile shots of the figure that keeps osteology majors up at night. She's very open to answering her followers' perverted questions about her butt, thoroughly.

@sophieturner1 "nice but doesn't quiet look real"

"IT IS REAL.. AND IT'S SPECTACULAR." @paulashleyspeed

@sophieturner1 "Sophie, ur 38 inches booty wise?"

"It fluctuates... Currently 36-24-38" RT @MikeBohd

@sophieturner1 "holy shit I wanna bite it! Lol"

"And by 'it' you mean my huge brain?" RT @HeymanHustle 

@sophieturner1 "What's ur fav movie"

"The Jerk." RT @bheller90

THE JERK? Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Speaking of things one wouldn't expect, Sophie recently became a law school graduate. Yes, this ridiculously hot piece of Aussie arse is also a lawyer. It's apparently been a dream of hers since age 10. I don't care if I was framed for serial murder, if I were represented in court by Sophie (and got to have closed-door, one-on-one "discussions" with her) you could send me to the electric chair a happy man. I would let her hold me in contempt anytime. Here's Sophie out in front of the school, just hours before receiving her diploma... 

Sophie's Twitter page is a lot of fun to scroll through with one free hand, so if you have some time, you aughtta check it out. She's always putting up new pics, telling jokes, tweeting French, and thanking dudes for making raunchy "construction worker" remarks about her bum. Also, she often tweets while drinking, so there's always the possibility of some "accidental nudes" in the future. But, for now, here's a gallery of Sophie Turner striking the same, luscious booty-pose several times in a row. Enjoy!


Extra Tidbit: She may look somewhat like an alien life form, but she's a life form who's home planet I want to invade.



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2:41PM on 09/18/2012
Allow me to state the obvious: this woman has got a GREAT ASS! Pacino, take it away! [link]
Allow me to state the obvious: this woman has got a GREAT ASS! Pacino, take it away! [link]
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