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Sexy TwitPics: Sommer Ray

11.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

If you're young, hot and a paradigm of physical fitness, you too can have a prosperous career as a social media fitness guru; quadruple your odds of success if, along with a tightly sculpted bod, you also possess a big, rounded out butt to aid in racking up a large number of followers. In the case of Sommer Ray, her butt and her brand are one in the same. So much so, the two m's in the middle of her first name could be replaced with with two line drawings of her undeniably fit rear end. If she possesses any other talents beyond that of calorie counting – like something useful in the entertainment industry – Sommer could become one of those famous hotties who can sustain lengthy employment, thanks to the size of their ass. For now, the 19-year-old hottie has plenty of time to consider the many future possibilities open to her.

As you'll soon realize, a single image of Sommer Ray perfectly conveys how to be successful on social media. She's not even really what you would call a "health guru." From what I've seen, she offers no truly unique approach to dieting, nor step-by-step instructions on what muscle groups to work out and how much; she's really in the business of exploiting her ass under the guise of physical fitness. What percentage of her army of fans check in to watch her work out in a variety of booty shorts and thongs, in hopes of finding a useful approach to tightening up their own problem areas? I couldn't say for sure. I'll bet most are there to watch that ass bounce around during her stair-stepping routine - and for when she offers her viewers a twerk or two in between reps. Still, you might be amazed at how far such a simple business model has carried her.

#BigNumber! 10.4 million followers on Instagram more than makes up for an underperforming 12.5K followers on Twitter; further proof that Instagram is becoming the favored platform. #IPutASpellOnYou! Yes, you read that correctly: 10.4 MILLION followers on Instagram! That ass has magical powers, capable of causing a hottie junkie's clicking finger to momentarily spasm. By the time fine motor control is regained, they are following Sommer Ray, locked into a lifetime of booty bombardment. #GoAheadAndTryIt! Seriously, I wonder if anyone out there has ever reneged on their commitment to follow Ms. Ray. I'd have to see (with my own eyes) someone willingly free themselves from Sommer's hold before I believe it possible. Consider that a fair warning when moving on to the visually stimulating content. There is no known cure for Sommer Ray addiction.

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