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Sexy TwitPics: Sara Malakul Lane

01.19.2018by: Droz

Having recently reconnected with Sara Malakul Lane doing a tight dress thing with her hot body, it seemed a good time to go check out what she's up to on social media. Like in most of her professional pursuits as an actress and model, Sara makes quite the sexy impression on Twitter and Instagram as well. Girl was pretty much made to do so, both by mother nature and by other means. Few folks who have seen her do her thing in nothing or next to nothing can legitimately claim they weren't impressed with what they saw. I was especially taken with this befreckled beauty the moment I first laid eyes on her, though for reasons that might surprise some of you.

Sara Malakul Lane Sexy TwitPics 2018

Yes, Sara has an incredible body and my god does she look sexy as hell when she shows it off. By any normal reckoning, this aspect of her would be the predominant thing I'd remember whenever her name came up. She defies my normal reckoning. Don't get me wrong, I love what she brings in the body department. Yet even more mesmerizing to me is her incredible face. She's a wonderful celebration of European and Asian heritage, made even better with her generous covering of freckles, which is yet another feature I find intoxicating to say the least. Hotties who pack as much sexy as Sara does from the neck down are a treasure. When the owner of that body can distract me from their hot body with a pretty face, it's a borderline miracle.

Sara Malakul Lane Sexy TwitPics 2018

All her great features make me wonder why Sara isn't a bigger star. Okay, she might not be an Oscar-winner in the making, but she's got plenty of company there. I always thought she'd make a great addition to the FAST & FURIOUS movies. Sara is one of the most beautiful and capable models I've ever seen, no doubt about that. She should be covering all the big magazines. We've done our part to try to make that happen. Now the rest of them need to get on the ball. If this woman isn't sufficiently attractive to represent your brand, then your brand sucks.

Sara Malakul Lane Sexy TwitPics 2018


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