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Sexy TwitPics: Sara Jean Underwood Part II

10.20.2015by: Salacious Crumb

How can you not miss Sara Jean Underwood? Ever since G4 pulled a Caitlyn and transformed into TechTV, characters like "Bustice" and friends haven't been easy to come by. It's been over two and half years since we've given Sara's social media antics a proper check-up, and what better month to make the effort than October? In case you're clueless, Sara was and still is somewhat of a costume aficionado. For example, here she is dressed as the city of New York's lovable, pizza-burglarizing rat...

Yeah, yeah, we all know the real reason I was quick to share this image.

Sadly, despite how handy she is with a cell phone camera, there was a while beginning in 2013 where Sara sort of abandoned Twitter, or way as well have. Luckily, things gradually started picking up when she created an Instagram account not too long after. So what has the former "Attack of the Show" hottie been up to for the past quarter decade? Well, it would appear she's been keeping busy, doing a whole lot of hiking and boat-tripping. Occasionally, she still attends events and conventions, where she can show off more of her mad cosplay skills. I never thought I'd see the day I felt like motorboating Yoda.

As far as her career goes, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not she'll be returning to television anytime soon. Right now, it appears she's promoting health beverages from a company called Protein World, which might explain why she's been a little more frequent with her social media. Frankly, I don't care what product Sara decides to push so long as it gets her into bikinis and yoga pants, and back in the public eye. This is a hottie who really sets the bar when it comes to executing satisfying and seductive selfies. And when she's not behind the camera herself, her friends know how to capture some beautiful views.

If these images of Sara Jean Underwood cause you to experience wood under jeans (never gets old), do yourself a favor and check out her Instagram here, or her Twitter page here.


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