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Sexy TwitPics: Ryan Newman

01.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

Is there anything in the world more important than being young, hot and completely desirable? If you answer the question based off the free-as-bird content that's constantly posted on these up and comers social media accounts, then no, there's nothing more important. This is a time when hotties don't need a portion of talent nor a smidgen of marketable skills to fund a carefree life in bikinis. They need only know one thing: All the boys (and probably many girls) want some – and I'm not talking about stimulating conversation, neither. It's a truth [that] when said out loud sounds crude, but the truth nonetheless; an absolute, sexy newbies like Ryan Newman not-so-secretly embrace and use to quell their need for notoriety. And it's with no small amount of pleasure we – those who know, not believe, beautiful women are to be visually enjoyed – provide them with the attention they deserve.

This stunning specimen, however, is not without talent. I mean, the creators of Sharknado must see something in Ryan Newman to cast her in not one, but two installments – that's 50% of the franchise, right there.  And I do mean stunning; normally I spend more than a few words trying to accurately describe how awesome her bikini body is – it is, sooo awesome – but my focus is immediately drawn to those soul-piercing eyes and perfectly pouty lips. F*cking perfect! This girl's facial features lay low any one of her many pleasing parts. So much so, I'm still trying to get around to her woefully neglected anatomy . The invisible tractor beam being fired from her ocular cavities prove to be too strong, harnessing the power from her big pair of baby blue eyes; more entrancing than any rounded out ass could possibly be. A bold statement, to be sure. One easily backed up with any number of selfies she uploads to her Twitter/Instagram accounts.

#Where'dYaGetThosePeepers! Normally, Twitter and Instagram is a place dedicated to stocking admirers with plenty of ass pics – rounder + fuller + tighter = more followers. For someone who's best feature is her eyes, gathering almost 1m followers on Instagram and 260k on Twitter is no small accomplishment. People with exquisite taste are out there and Ms. Newman is attracting in droves. #AsILookAround! The act of rummaging through a hottie's social media account kind of gives you a sense of who that person is – as much as a catalog of photos can, anyway – and I must say, I've developed a fondness for Ryan Newman, and an appreciation for the gorgeous selfies she takes. #Here'sLookingAtYou! It's safe to say we'll be on the lookout for this promising prospect, paying close attention to her developing journey into sexiness. At the newly minted age of 18, she's already got one hell of a head start.

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