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Sexy TwitPics: Rosie Jones

12.01.2015by: Salacious Crumb

In April, 2014, we were faced with the devastating reality that Nuts magazine would stop printing after its 10 year run. The United Kingdom, along with the entire world, just hasn't been the same since. The relentless celebration of Britain's best boobs was as fun as it was tacky, but it's cheesiness has been sorely missed, especially since the unfortunate suspension of similar magazines like LoadedFHM and, most recently, Zoo. There aren't enough feathers in my pillow to soak up the amount of tears provoked by such sad news, but if there's one shed of light in this story, it's that the gals of Nuts still project their penetrative positivity through the interwebs in the form of social media. One outstanding example of this is my personal favorite Nuts hottie, Rosie Jones.

From the totally not made-up county of Middlesex, the 25-year-old Rose has been appearing in "lad mags" since the moment she couldn't be legally stopped by her parents. After receiving representation at 17, she first posed nude as a Page 3 girl at the age of 18. While she was certainly destined for great things, her career was given a substantial push by Nuts, especially after being voted the No. 1 Sexiest Babe on their website for two years in a row (2010-2011). Since then, she's been asked to flaunt her magnificent self in several music videos, and her website has gained a significant amount of frequent visitors. Needless to say, it's been like any dirty-minded model's fairy tail come true.

Both Disney and Apple should be grabbing their checkbooks right about now.

If you've been following Rosie's antics as closely as we have over the years, you should be aware of how much fun Rosie has with her modeling gigs. She responds to the raunchy nature of her shoots with enthusiasm and gratitude, often times, really "going for the gusto" in ways other models wouldn't dare. Of course, Jones also notoriously holds the Guiness World Record for most bras taken off and put back on in one minute as of 2009 (the record being 7). This same spirit shines through on her Instagram page, which is chock-full of images your mother would have taken down from your teenage bedroom wall forthwith.

Whether you're a newcomer or an oldcomer, if you find yourself going nuts for this serving of Rosie's social media pics, be sure to check out more of her on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.

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