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Sexy TwitPics: Rita Ora

07.21.2015by: Salacious Crumb

What's that? A high-profile boxing flick in the summertime? That would appear to be the case with SOUTHPAW, and it doesn't even incorperate some new version of "Eye of the Tiger" (rather, a new version of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem). Speaking of musicians merging with movies, the Gyllenhaal-led punch-fest also features the ravishing Rita Ora, whom you're probably aware has a musical background. You may also be aware of her outstanding reputation on social media.

If you were caught up with the cool kids today, you'd know that Ora released her debut solo album in 2012, and that she's frequently seen hanging out with another rising(?) legendary pop icon, Iggy Azalea. If you're a lame-o such as myself, you've been admiring and ogling this girl for years without a pinnacle of a clue whom Rita was or what she did. Now she's breaking out in the movie business fast than you can say "Rihanna! Don't get on that BATTLESHIP!!!"... What, with her also taking part in this year's FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY, which is sure to get some soccer moms asking Rita for her autograph.

Call me a sad, lonely man, but I've been consistent with checking Rita's Instagram updates for quite some time. I was just waiting for enough "sexy" photos to come along in order to warrant the honor of this column To my delight, Ora seems to have become even more at ease with her camera-phone over the last year (could be all that FIFTY SHADES exposure). While there's still a lot of scenery and "artsy" mumbo jumbo, Rita's been known to reward her followers with some truly thoughtful imagery...

If there's a story behind that tattoo, Showtime needs to pick it up as a series.

If you come out of this gallery with a great big smile on your face, you may want to consider checking out Rita Ora's Twitter page here, or better yet, her Instagram here. Happy scrolling!



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