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Sexy TwitPics: Paulina Vega (Miss Universe 2015)

01.27.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Considering how dysfunctional our planet seems to be, it's eery how every country comes together when it comes to putting on silly competitions. We may have our major disagreements, but we all compete in the Olympics and have an interchangeable economy. The world leaders who once hated each other enough to draw blood still agreed that each nation should have its own rectangular, color-coded flag. But perhaps the most beautiful circumstance under which we're all brought together is the annual Miss Universe competition. The special ran on Sunday, and went an hour longer than the SAG Awards (take that, art!). In case you missed the comotion, the crown went to Miss Colombia herself, Paulina Vega

Yes, yes, let's just get it out of the way, she's freakin' gorgeous. Sofia Vergara tried to give us a fair warning that more Colombian hotties were on the horizon, but we didn't listen, and continued to recognize it only for its drugs and kidnappings. Well, we should've paid attention, because Paulina Vega just barely beat 1st runner-up Miss U.S.A. (real name not important) to the crown. Like 99% of the world, I only tuned in to the bikini portion of the show, and the final segment where the judges ask the girls impossible-to-answer questions with impossible-to-understand accents. It's safe to say Paulina stuck out in a good way during both segments, especially the former.

It should be no surprise that a girl like Paulina is in the social media loop, although the world of Instagram does seem to be a relatively new (or foreign) tool to her. Most of her selfies are very, extremely close to her face, which luckily isn't all that unpleasant of a sight. Typically, the most satisfying photos she posts are the ones taken of her by strange men whose faces you never see, but at least they know where to aim the camera. She's spent the entire last year celebrating her run as Miss Columbia, all the while promoting herself via TwitPic in preperation for the Miss Universe pageant. So it's looking like Paulina's got another busy year ahead of her. Here's hoping she hasn't grown tiresome of traveling the world and wearing bikinis just yet.

If you find yourself wanting to explore more of Miss Universe, you can check out her active Instagram account here, or her Twitter page here.



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