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Sexy TwitPics: Olivia Munn Part II

01.20.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Let me tell you schmoes, diligently searching the web for every last piece of social media goodness, whether surround one hottie or many, ain’t always as easy as it looks. Even though there seems to be an infinite list of beautiful celebrities using the technology these days, a large number of them aren’t begging to make theirs “sexy". Some of the most tame, even yawn-worthy Instagram accounts are owned by hotties you would think would be shoe-ins for this column, like Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba or the most disappointing image tweeter of all, Jessica Biel. Some of this has to do with the fact that social media has simply become another advertising outlet for products everywhere, including movies. In fact, it was none other than Olivia Munn who recently stated celebrities seek more and more followers on Instagram because "want the fame and attention." That must've been after she posed this selfie with her puppies hanging out...

Aren't they adorable?

As you've probably guessed from the "Part II" in the title above, we featured Olivia's first TwitPic gallery a couple of years back, before Instagram had even graduated into the main stream. It seemed like the right time to catch up with her, with the Johnny Depp spy comedy MORTDECAI making its way to theaters this week, with Munn appearing in it. One of the major changes since her last round-up is her status as an actress, having been on each season of the highly praised series THE NEWSROOM, and she's already filmed a part in the upcoming RIDE ALONG 2. I'd like to take her for a ride along... in my pants (I'm sure I've used that joke before, but I find it just so brilliantly hilarious I had to do it again).

Now I know there's a lot of people out there who have their grudges against Munn, and every now and again an article pops up online about people who have felt demeaned or threatened by her behind the scenes. I can't contest much, but once in San Diego during Comic-Con, she was very polite when I approached her for a picture. Granted, this was a public area plagued with nerds, and not a studio lot. It was also several years ago, and we've most certainly seen a transformation in Olivia, which especially shows in the way she approaches social media now. Back in 2010, Olivia would curse like a f*ckin' sailor and casually post an image of herself at a strip club. That said, we've made sure throw in some oldies we may or may not have forgotten to show last time.

If you still dig this hottie, and want more, you can get it by creeping on her Instagram here, or her Twitter page here. Both are updated frequently with different stuff.



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