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Sexy TwitPics: Olivia Munn

07.02.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Last week, "Sexy TwitPics" took a break from celebrating hottie birthdays to celebrate Kelly Brook's personally-taken pics in all their Instaglory. This time around, we're going with another birthday girl, Olivia Munn, who turns 33-years-old tomorrow, July 3rd! Okay, so we're one day off. Sue me. For far too long, the gallery of this long-time hot Twitterer has been neglected by a column such as this. The ex-queen of G4 and nerdgasms of the yesteryears has made a slow but sure transition into semi-adulthood, specifically in the last year with her smooth-fitting role on HBO's "The Newsroom". Sure, Olivia's new image may seem more posh or majestic on the surface, but deep down I still think of her as this same mega hottie...

I also like to think of myself as that giraffe.

Olivia has been tweeting with dedication for well over a few years now, and going through this gallery was almost like watching a recorded timelapse. It's interesting to see how she's gone from being very friendly and flirty with the cameras to, unfortunately, hardly taking any pictures (or "selfies" as they say) at all anymore. That's not to say Olivia's become a giant prude (she DID recently have a pretty awesome spread in Esquire magazine). Whichever way you slice it, Munn's TwitPic collection is a feast for the eyes, and a great reminder of why we would spare several hours watching "Attack of the Show!" to learn more about "games". Her rad personality shines straight through these images along with her scorching hotness. It's so tease-tastic, it can even get a bit frustrating.

Yes. This, sadly, was the only image shared from the event.

So if you feel like making every day lucky Munn-day, you can keep up with her daily shenanigans by clicking HERE. As far as pictures, you can expect cute little outfits, her daily eating habits, occasional bikini outings, her hot friends, her multiple attempts to steal awards, her Iron Man hands and her in-pool ping pong matches with Yoda. Yeah, Master Yoda. I mean, why not? Anything goes in the world of social media hotties. Have fun scrolling, and let's not forget, happy (almost) birthday, Olivia Munn!!!


Extra Tidbit: Now isn't that a nice ending?


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