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Sexy TwitPics: Olesya Rulin

03.19.2013by: Salacious Crumb

You know that girl from high school who was always desperately trying to be the ultimate "weird chick", and as a result, everyone thought she was just insane in the membrane? That's kind of a douchey way of putting it, I guess, but that's the girl I imagine Olesya Rulin was in high school. She's known as the geeky pianist/composer in all three HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL films, and has been in several lesser-known films like FOREVER STRONG, EXPECTING MARY, and PRIVATE VALENTINE: BLONDE & DANGEROUS. Olesya spent the first eight years of her life in Likhoslavl, a small town close to Moscow in the Soviet Union. Though she's in her mid-to-late 20's, she often gets cast as an American high schooler due her naturally youthful look.

So after all that textual diarrhea, you're probably wondering "Why choose Olesya for this week's 'TwitPics'?". Good question. I guess I feel bad because her ex-HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL costars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale both have their own movies coming out (SPRING BREAKERS and SCARY MOVIE 5), and she's got a film no one's heard of, FAMILY WEEKEND, hitting select theaters March 29th. It's about a 16-year-old girl who takes her career-focused parents hostage so they can be together for the weekend. Yes, it's like HOUSE ARREST and GETTING EVEN WIH DAD all wrapped up in one terrible-sounding film! On top of that, Olesya just celebrated her birthday on Sunday, turning 27, which makes me wonder… Why is she playing 16-year-old girl in her new film? They couldn't get anyone else? I mean, I'm glad she's working and all, even though her occupation on Twitter is written as "Actor and shark lover". And that's no joke...

I don't know anyone who loves anything as irrationally and unconditionally as Olesya Rulin loves sharks. The ironic thing is she's also a hardcore dolphin lover. Dolphins have actually been known to attack sharks before any sign of danger, only to get torn into little tuna pieces seconds later. In other words, dolphins are prejudice and sharks are assholes. Anyway, if you follow Olesya on Twitter, you're likely to receive pictures of her wearing antlers (what?), wearing a construction-paper mustache (what?), clubbing with male Mickey Mouse strippers (what what?), and standing naked in her bathroom mirror (… okaaay!). You can get started by clicking HERE. And on that note, enjoy these strangely arousing TwitPics from Olesya Rulin. No ifs, ands or BUTS! Well, except this one...



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