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Sexy TwitPics: Miranda Kerr

05.21.2013by: Salacious Crumb

If that dude works for free, he still gets paid too much.

Beautiful. Elegant. Sophisticated. Bootylicious. These are all words which could be used to describe one of Victoria's Secret's finest angels, Miranda Kerr. Yes, this week's supplier of salacious TwitPics is none other than Orlando Bloom's ball and chain, and it's been long overdue if you ask me. The Aussie hottie has become one of the most recognizable faces (and rear-ends) in the fashion/modeling industry, and it's as much thanks to what her mama gave her as it is her prolific work ethic. Prepping for it since her childhood, Miranda lives and breathes modeling sexy attire. She's a hard-worker and a new mom, which is why I'm okay with the tremendous amount of pride she has in her career.

3-D glasses? I didn't think that bum could get anymore 3-D!

Miranda has appeared in thousands of photoshoots, and frequently appears in the media's various   "World's Hottest Women" lists (except for the trained monkeys at Maxim, of course).  The most comforting thing about Miranda's Twitter account is you know what you're getting when you're going in. This is a woman who quite literally lives for putting images of her gorgeous self in the public eye. Social networking gives her the opportunity to do that herself, whenever she pleases, and she utilizes that tool well. While I'll always have a place in my pants for her fellow Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel's TwitPics, Miranda most definitely keeps the competition alive, posting several bikini pics and images from the sets of her lingerie shoots. Sure, those are both daily activities of Swanepoel's as well, but can she top this?...

How many Euros to switch places with that kid for a minute?

Aside from the "sexy" stuff you will see here, I noticed while scouring through Miranda's gallery that she has a keen eye for all thing beautiful. Whether it be flowery hills, colorful sunsets, animals in the wild, or even other women, Miranda will capture it on candid camera if she can. If you're at all interested in checking out her page yourself for even more droolage, you can do so HERE. Really, you should do it. But if you don't have a Twitter account, please enjoy this marvelous collection of awe-inspiring "personal" photos, courtesy of Miranda Kerr. 



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