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Sexy TwitPics: Melissa Debling

03.21.2017by: No Cool Handle

When Zoo Magazine/Page 3 superstar Keeley Hazell made an odd to give up her career and deprive the Internet community of future sexy pics, many did not take well to quitting cold turkey. Being so hopelessly addicted to a sensational hottie such as she left those disregarded fans indefinitely awaiting her successor. Some may say Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder and Rhain Sugden are qualified to stand in her stead, but I never considered any hottie residing in the Page 3 stable to be on par with a prize pony like Keeley (maybe she quit after becoming sick of misogynistic a-holes like myself drawing those kind of comparisons); save for one. For reasons difficult to comprehend, Melissa Debling – the obvious canidate to be promoted highest ranking British babe – is criminally under featured. With the aforementioned trio taking up most of the spotlight, Melissa took matters (and those enormous mounds) into her own hands. She made the obvious decision to use social media as a means to reach out to the devote; the ones who know the truth – Melissa Debling is the face of British boobs. 

Melissa Debling is more than just your average glamour model. The only reason her robust selection of sexy features tend to remain obfuscated is because her chest takes up the majority of one's peripheral vision, leaving very little room to fully appreciate the total package – and she is just that. Her face, angelic; her curves, in all the right places and a bubbly disposition that makes frequent returns to any one of her social media accounts a foregone conclusion. Added to which, those accounts are her sole means of distribution. Translation: her pages are filled with quality photos, not just the blurry, low contrast selfies we've grown accustomed to. She normally updates her followers with a fresh set of teaser images that link to her official site, where, for a hefty monthly fee, you can buy your way into a boob-filled heaven. That's right, a body made for selling EE cup bras and the mind of a savvy businesswoman.

#Unjustified! The low number of followers (250k on Instagram; 110k on Twitter) reflects the unjust lack of brouhaha over Ms. Debling. If all was right in the world, she'd be as sought after as super-famous rack models like Kate Upton and alike. #TwoSidesOfTheSameCoin! Aesthetically – and based on who you talk to – Melissa may even have an edge over many of the girls featured in this year's issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit – the only difference being she doesn't make you beg for looks; she's made her bones providing plenty of unobstructed views. #HottieHybrid! If you took one third Ashley Graham's full-body frame, slapt Kate Upton's tits up top and left her awesome, extremely generous personality intact, that'll give you some idea as to what kind of sexy concoction we're talking about. #LendAHand! If you're as taking with Melissa Debling as I am, let it be known. The higher demand for this girl, the better.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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