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Sexy TwitPics: Mayra Veronica

10.02.2012by: Salacious Crumb

With a presidential election on the horizon, many of those with a voice, whether big or small, are hoping to sway the American voter by defining, in detail, exactly what America is. Let's ignore all that for a moment. Let's acknowledge a woman from, I don't know, Cuba. Yeah. Let's talk about a hispanic, American-raised babe named Mayra Veronica. Mayra started as a model in Europe, and gained fame in the US in 2003 by hitting the cover of FHM magazine, hooking many on her hourglass-shaped body instantly. If you find the following Twitter pics the least bit enjoyable, I strongly urge you to google this woman. Her ass will not disappoint. She's also a singer, whose recorded some hits in the "hot dance" scene, including the catchy tune "Freak Like Me" off her album Saint Nor Sinner in 2011. She traveled through six countries for the USO Tour in 2008, to which the troops responded overwhelmingly. So how is she keeping herself busy now? With Twitter of course! She also runs a rather popular blog on Tumblr, which several of these pics are from, so I'm cheating a little this time (it's the American way). Let's go through some of the best moments from Mayra Veronica's personal catalogue...

Best Bikini Moments

I've noticed that the best (or at least my personal favorite) TwitPics are usually of the bikini nature, and Hachi Machi!, does this girl look good in a two-piece! I should point out that several of these bikini shots were posted by Droz a while back, but they're far too glorious not to acknowledge here. I think you'll agree.

Even when her pictures are taken by a doofus she looks amazing.

Best Costume Moments

The Final Persuasion:

Mayra was an early-bloomer, in case you can't tell. When she was young, she had a passion for performance dance, but during middle-school, her body became too voluptuous for ballet. She also started noticing the extra attention she was receiving from the boys at her school. She got into the groove of modeling when one of her boyfriends asked if he could paint nude to semi-nude portraits of her, and she's been posing that ridiculous body ever since.

Another day, another hottie, another stupidly arousing gallery of personal images from that hottie. If you have any interest in stalking Mayra Veronica, you can do the next best thing by following her Twitter, here, or by checking out her blog on Tumblr, here. I think everybody could appreciate some time with a freak like Mayla.


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