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Sexy TwitPics: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

02.19.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Lately in our weekly "Sexy TwitPics" column, we've been featuring some very voluptuous attention-getters like Sam Bowdenand Paris Roxanne. But there are plenty of ladies in the industry who qualify as "sexy" without having to cyber-drown us with their rambunctious T&A. In fact, some of the hottest hotties are the ones who don't try so hard, because they don't have to...

Who can deny that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the most beautiful actresses in the current world of cinema? She's the definition of "movie eye-candy", not to mention she's a phenomenal dancer (watch MAKE IT HAPPEN, and send me a fruit basket later), and yet she remains refreshingly modest when posting pictures to her Twitter account. Sure, we movie-goers seem to have it engrained in our skulls that MEW is some kind of... uncommonly attractive social outcast, but if you were to stalk her on Twitter, you would discover the uncommonly attractive social outcast she truly is.

She's too hot to be cool.

Winstead's Twitter gallery is a testament to her own true, natural beauty. The simple sight of MEW sitting with a glass of wine is far more engaging than Vida Guerra's despicably tanned ass. Also, it's not everyday you find someone on Twitter whose everyday life is actually kind of interesting. If you choose to check out Mary's Twitter (which is as simple as clicking HERE), you'll be enlightened to her many daily travels, her love of music, her fishbowl eyeballs, and then you'll be bummed out that there's only one of her, and the world is oh so big. Oh well, the next best thing to making this girl your own personal Ramona Flowers is skimming through a whole bunch of her TwitPics at once... so here they are!



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