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Sexy TwitPics: Maria Menounos

06.04.2013by: Salacious Crumb

It's about time television personality and full-fledged hottie Maria Menounos got her own "Sexy TwitPics" column. We've only been posting about this hottie's shapely hindquarters just about every chance we've had for the past year. Plus, having been a regular correspondent for "Today", "Access Hollywood" and "Extra", Maria's all about keeping things social, and on a frequent basis. Maria is perhaps one of the busiest people alive, but she treats her job like it's her primary source of pride and joy. She seems to have a general interest in celebrity life, but she also enjoys chugging beers and "Breaking Bad" (you may even spot Heisenberg more than once in this gallery). Yep, sounds my kinda woman. Menounos practically lives and breathes to appease her fans, which just may be the reason she doesn't mind squeezing herself into a bikini from time to time

So what can you expect from this Massachusetts-born hottie when you follow her on Twitter? Well, obviously this is a female who is practically engulfed in celebrity encounters on a weekly basis, so there's that. Plus, being a longtime fan, Maria's even gotten herself involved with WWE, making her in-ring debut in 2009, in a six-diva tag team match in which she victoriously slapped the shit out of wrestling native Beth Phoenix. Maria has continued having her ongoing "feud" over the years, and had yet another triumph as recent as April 1st, 2012. She can also be found on Instagram, and she seems to enjoy editing her pictures to make them look retro/cool or whatever. She's often taken pictures of herself in a bikini, which is much appreciated. On top of that, she seems to take interest in things like partying, produce, traveling and even video-games. But most of all, Maria loves to show her followers what dress she's wearing. Seriously, Menounos shares pictures of herself in different outfits practically every day (well, every day she's working on "Extra", anyway). Just to prove my point, here's a small chunk of some of those pics...

If you think Maria is completely oblivious to the way schmoes like you and I take interest in her, you're most certainly incorrect. Maria will even post pictures of herself taken by the paparazzi every now and again, relieving you of all guilt for ogling (or making borderline inappropriate comments, even). Of course, like many of our featured "TwitPic" gals, Menounos doesn't shy away from posting pics of her dogs… all four of them. That's not to say her gallery in general isn't oozing with hot pics that will wake you the hell up in the morning. If you have any interest in following the daytime TV-host with the most on Twitter, check it out HERE. Also, feel free check out her tasteful Instagram page, located HERE. Obviously, this column's all about sexy, so I hope you enjoy this round-up of some of Maria's hottest social-networking moments! Happy scrolling...



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