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Sexy TwitPics: Maitland Ward Part II

11.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

We've covered a lot of ground in this section regarding all that's wrong with social media, and all that's right. In the interest of adding something to the plus column, we're gonna hone in on a particularly favorable social media quality: the idea of it being a well that never runs dry, as long as hotties like Maitland Ward feel compelled to keep it full. Just because you've already gone through her original Sexy TwitPic experience doesn't mean that the Maitland Ward social media extravaganza is over. She's back, with a sequel containing all the things you loved about the original amped up to a blistering degree. If you thought this red head was done with the internet skin show ... think again. And in part II we get to do all the things we wanted to do in the original but didn't have the budget for, rendered in as many pixels a smart phone can push.

#Damn! Maitland seems to have said her goodbyes to those daytime soap opera ambitions – she was a regular on The Bold and the Beautiful way back when – and in her television character's melodramatic stead, this provocative Internet persona ... never passing up an opportunity to remind her fans that she's more than a moderately successful actress, she's also a lovely pair of tits. Sometimes those same tits tend to cast a large, looming shadow over her more socially acceptable career choices. #WhoGivesAF**k! Many prefer the shade; better than exposing yourself to all the harmful rays of the morally superior (she's been dealt a fair share of shit for her brazen ways). #LiveAndLetLive! It's too bad the Internet has become a place where some folks feel the need to exercise their self-appointed moral authority. In a fair and just world, it would be a place where hotties like Maitland can pursue happiness unchallenged, liberating their titties without fear of judgment. And we the spectators can reciprocate to her generosity by giving them their due attention – and leave it at that.

#TheHellYouSay! Believe it or not, there are those women who relish the thought of being sexually desired and see no need for subtlety in the pursuit of that particular source of personal pleasure. The ones who offer their musings on Maitland Ward fall into two camps: those who think she represents the very worst of hotties, i.e., compulsive attention seekers, and those who enjoy looking at what she's serving up. #RookieNumbers! With 47k followers on Twitter and 70k on Instagram, it's safe to assume the dissenting opinions are that of the un-silent majority. And although she has a strong militia of loyal foot soldiers, at 39, she probably pulls in low digits among the youthful demographic. Still, I've personally enjoyed getting to know the intimate details of a disrobed Maitland.


Source: TwitterInstagram


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