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Sexy TwitPics: Lindsey Pelas

01.05.2018by: Droz

There are different approaches to how a famous hottie can best make use of her Instagram page. Some treat them like any other social media profile with sedate pics of their cat, pics of their various celebrity events, or pics of the delicious meal they got at Mr. Chow's. Some of them have all of the above, but occasionally also post a cheeky pic of their Hawaiian vacay where they drank a few too many Mai Tais and took a topless pic from the back. And then you have how Lindsey Pelas handles Instagram, which to us is the best use of all. Her Instagram is a showcase for her absurdly hot body.

You're not going to see much in the way of cute kitties or tasty-looking meals on Lindsey's Instagram. The only tasty thing to be found there is Lindsey's wall to wall tits and ass. Not only do you get all her considerable body posing in barely there garb or less, but also in frequent doses. Girl posts multiple hot pics every week. She posts so often that I've had to update the gallery below a few times now with this constantly refreshing content just to keep current. What you see here is merely from the last six months, and that only a selection. There's a back catalog of Lindsey's ginormous everything going back a lot longer. Which means an endless scroll of epic proportions.

Sexy TwitPics Lindsey Pelas

As good as the Instagram experience is with Lindsey, there are times when she goes a little nutty with the makeup and the Photoshopping. I do prefer her when she takes it a little easier there. This is a minor quibble though. Like any other model with a show off Instagram, the overriding theme of Lindsey's content is spank material and she's one of the best around when it comes to that. She's also not above having some fun with her obviously outrageous proportions either, as the video below shows. I like that. No need to take any of this too seriously. Girl wants to have some fun with her big titties and so do the rest of us. It's no more complicated than that.

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