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Sexy TwitPics: Lindsey Pelas

06.16.2015by: Salacious Crumb

If you tend to dig hotties who take a more modest approach to their social media shenanigans, this week's TwitPic gallery is not for you, so you might as well turn back and go watch "Downton Abbey" or something. Our featured tweet-oholic this time around is a full-time, full-figured model by the name of Lindsey Pelas...

Ain't nothin' subtle about that.

Yes, this is going to be another one of those "Sexy TwitPics" episodes. As you can see, Lindsey is "genetically gifted", as she puts it herself. We've utilized stupendously buxom gals like Charlotte McKinney and Jordan Carver in this column time and time again, yet the crowd's response generally mixed most of the time. This probably won't be helped by the fact that her IMDB page appears to serve no purpose at the moment, but something tells me there's a spot reserved for her in the fourth SHARKNADO movie. In the meantime, she's making money the good ol' fashioned way: by taking selfies with Bootea beverages next to her enormous cleavage. You may (or may not) also remember a viral video of her Lindsey jogging in slow motion, which she also uploaded to her Instagram account. Just to refresh you memory, let's watch it again...

While it's tough to predict what the average schmoe's response to Lindsey will be, something tells me even the most hardcore eye-rollers will find themselves scrolling through this entire gallery attentively. She's quite literally a one-two punch, but the punches are awfully impactful. Not to downplay these pics, of course, but there's not a whole lot more to Lindsey than what you'd expect. There's a reason she's got over 1.6 million followers ogling her on Instagram, and Lindsey is well aware of this. After all, she's probably been surrounded by horny dudes for half of her life.

Guys: not very good at math.

If you get through this gallery defeated and wanting more Lindsey, you can check out her Twitter feed here, or better yet, her Instagram account here. Happy ogling!



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