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Sexy TwitPics: Kimberley Garner

07.28.2015by: Salacious Crumb

The tail end of July has really snuck up on ol' Salacious, but that hasn't defeated his ambitions to share with you as much bikini goodness as possible while they're still in season. Of course, hotties in swimsuits are welcome all year round, regardless of the weather. Still, this may be the most fashionable time of year for a good two-piece, so I aught to bring as much attention to them as possible. And what better use could I make of this column than to feature a hottie who designs and models her own swimwear? Kimberley Garner...

Kimberley is probably most familiar to the English gents for her acting and television personality-ing, but she's also made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry for creating her own bikinis and wearing the hell out of them. Thanks to social media, she's been able to show just about every single one of them off, which has led to her popularity blowing up even further. If you couldn't have guessed, the two-piece bikini was actually invented/popularized by a dude (and a very handsome dude at that) named Louis Réard in 1946. As you also may have guessed, it was a very big hit among men, leading to Réard receiving dozens of thousands of fan letters.

A near 70 years later, bikinis are still immensely appreciated, although by now we've realized not to send fan mail to the inventor of the suit, but the women in them. Despite Garner evidentally being a personality figure, I personally know very little about her, although she does have an entrancing smile. It's just a small scoop of sugar on an already deliciously satisfying hottie-fudge sundae. Another thing to note is that while the majority of her pics are exclusive to her social media outlets, Kimberley rarely takes selfies. How else would she get a nice aerial view?

There you have it, bikini worshippers. If you can't find your jaw by the end of this gallery, pick it up off the floor and check out more of Kimberley on Twitter here, or on Instagram here. Happy scrolling!



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