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Sexy TwitPics: Kelly Brook

02.16.2018by: Droz

There's been a nice little uptick in Kelly Brook content coming out as of late. Seems like it's been an excessively long time since we got regular doses of the full-figured Brit hottie. Time was Kelly content was a daily thing around here, sometimes multiple times a day. Those were heady days when she spent so much of her time posing for a camera whenever and wherever she could find one. This was back before she found herself a guy she could invest most of her "look at me" time into. Same old story when any hottie finds a long term relationship, but it's especially disappointing to be deprived of all the Kelly content we used to enjoy.

Anyone getting a gander at Kelly can see fairly quickly why she's been so popular for so long. Those proportions of hers were astounding from the start, as is her willingness to show them off, sometimes without a stitch of clothing to conceal her. As she's aged Kelly may have gotten rounder and fuller of figure, but to her credit she has also remained just as appealing. For me, almost as good as the visuals is her enthusiasm for presenting them. We hardly ever see her with a scowl or any kind of negativity. Be it in public or on her social media, Kelly always has a happy, even giddy kind of delight about her.

Of course, no one is perfect. There has been some public scoffing when it comes certain posts she's made on her social media. This is due to occasional, indiscreet uses of Photoshop to give some of her swimsuit pics a more flattering look. Telltale signs of manipulation have backfired on her more than once there. I don't begrudge Kelly a bit of expansion as she nears her 40s. Most people deal with that. Those gains sure have done wonders for the scope of her massive rack. Yet despite her goodness there, I can relate to Kelly's yearning for her fitter body. It was quite a sight.


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