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Sexy TwitPics: Kelly Brook

06.25.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Can you believe I've been running this column for almost a year now, and still have yet to feature our favorite English hourglass-mimicking hottie, Kelly Brook? Almost seems like sacrilege, considering she's one of the most consistently featured ladies on Movie Hotties, and whose social media lifeline has outlasted many others. She's quite well-known amongst those in th United Kingdom, and appears to have horny dudes with cameras constantly swarming around her. Hardly a day goes by that she isn't followed right from her front door. Still, with 1,000+ photoshoots, and the paparazzi practically living outside her house, this British bombshell doesn't shy away from properly utilizing her own Twitter and Instagram pages. It's in Kelly's nature to bring joy to the world week after week with the use of her lovely "charms".  Like Uncle Ben said, "with great boobies comes great responsibility" (that is what he said, right?).

Insert obvious double entendre here.

If you have a healthy libido, you probably remember Kelly's topless beach day from about a week ago, which sparked a lot of conversation over the size of her aureolas (seems like enough can never be said). While there were some naysayers as usual, it's safe to say most of us got a rise out of seeing Kelly's candid cans on display, even if not for the first time. Kelly tweeted about the incident herself, and expressed that she was pretty humiliated, although not for the reasons you think...

Now there's a woman with class if I've ever heard of one. It would make sense for Kelly to blush over such a giant collection of topless candids being released to the perverted hounds of the internet (athankyou), but that's not the Kelly we've grown to cherish and adore. She's even known to send out pictures of herself prancing around in a bikini, via her Instagram.

Aside from her elaborate modeling career, Kelly is known in the U.K. for recently co-hosting "Celebrity Juice" with Keith Lemon, and in some places in Europe for her work in the sic-fi miniseries "Metal Hurlant Chronicles". However, here in the United States, she's mostly known for having an exquisite rack. Okay, she's also got a great smile, beautiful eyes, a gorgeous full head of hair, wonderful posture, a sexy English accent and a scientifically impossible set of legs, but let's not kid ourselves here. It's Kelly's killer curves that keep images of her popping up all over the web like sexy whack-a-mole. Luckily for us, Kelly uses social media as a tool to display her inner-person, her passion for designing yummy clothes, her cool sense of humor as well as, ahem, other things.

Darn, someone already ate the second best part.

Kelly may not have the most enthralling list of feature films in her portfolio (PIRANHA 3-D, DUECE BIGELOW: EUROPEAN GIGELO, KEITH LEMON THE FILM, FISH TALES), and frankly, she probably won't ever blow us away with her acting abilities, but by golly, she's hot. She's left us with too many fond memories of her mammaries to fall off of the "hottie radar" anytime soon. So if you feel like becoming more "connected" with the one they call Brook, you can check out her Twitter HERE, or her excellently drooltastic Instagram HERE. If you're a fan, you're not likely to regret it. Now please enjoy the hottest of Kelly's personally taken photos, all condensed into one page. Happy drooling!



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