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Sexy TwitPics: Keeley Hazell

05.26.2015by: Salacious Crumb

You may have caught this magnificent news story yesterday, reminding us of the gorgeous Keeley Hazell's existence, as well as updating us with her whereabouts. Her fans had been waiting patiently for her return, and just when all hope was nearly abandoned, here comes Keeley dressed as a red hot lifeguard. That's not to imply she'd fallen completely off the face of the earth, which you would know if you've been following the dirty blonde (and I do mean dirty as in filthy) on social media. To be honest, if you pay close attention to Keeley's modeling work in various magazines, you may actually find the images in this gallery to be tame. Strangely enough, they aslo qualify as ridiculously sexy.

Naturally, it only makes sense that the majority of us hottie lovers recognize Keeley for displaying her Hazell of a good body from various angles, in various outfits. However, she's also been known to dip her beautiful toes in the arts of acting in films like HORRIBLE BOSSES 2, AWFUL NICE, ST. GEORGE'S DAY and HOW TO STOP BEING A LOSER (I failed that lesson), so for those of you ready to throw cyber-rocks at me for not featuring a movie hottie this week, take that. Even when stripped of her filmography, Keeley has given us consistent reasons to enjoy her luscious, well-proportioned (occasionally slouchy) bikini canvas on this site since 2008. Now that the 28-year-old babe is making a triumphant return from an unnecessary hottie hiatus, there's no stopping her now.

Let's hope there's no stopping the world either.

You can do your part in sustaining Hazell's current state in the hottieverse by checking up on her Twitter page here, or her Instagram page here. You know you want to. Happy scrolling!



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