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Sexy TwitPics: Katya Elise Henry

08.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's many a precedent for people who became famous because of their physical and/or athletic prowess – Anna Kournikova being a good example and Richard Simmons being, well, another example. Back in the day, notoriety was achieved through a lot of television exposure, mostly late-night infomercials or videotape workouts. Nowadays, every hottie with a body and a social media account can become a fitness guru of some note (Insta-famous); even B-list actresses like Katrina Bowden aspire to be respectable health-conscious specialists. However, only incredibly sexy hotties, with galvanized glutes and a well defined abdomen, can go from obscurity to social media sensation in a single squat. So it went for today's focused on personal trainer, Katya Elise Henry.

Her biography said she began studying to become a personal trainer after realizing her photos on Twitter and Instagram were motivating people to go to the gym. While I'm sure that's true among a minority of followers, I have a feeling the bulk of them are only working out one of their triceps.

Don't let the 54.7k followers on Twitter fool you, Katya has accumulated 2.7m followers on Instagram – a escalating number since her senior year in high school, when she first signed up on the popular social media platform. It'd be easy to act surprised over such a hefty number, but Instagram is nothing if not the place where wealth in followers can be amassed by how nice the subject's ass is – and Ms. Henry's ass is f**kin' spectacular. Not only that, there's hardly a selfie posted that doesn't focus solely on that robust rump. It's obvious her power lies not only in her generosity, but her ability to cause even the most inhibited of us to engage in lots of fondling. Her fitness-focused business model is brilliant: Ass, ass and more ass. The beauty of this is its simplicity.

If ever this pillar of the fitness community wants to make some real dough, UHD Blu-ray workout videos are a must; I for one would buy an entire set and have it on loop; I'd brush my teeth to it. Be sure to keep an eye out for her name in future posts. She's from the "if you got it, flaunt it" capital of the world, Miami. So expect to see pictures of her living it up (and showing it off) up and down the crowded coastal area – back arched and ass out. Until then, pick any one of these awesome images and take a cue from Kyle Reese. Memorize every line, every curve. Because any soldier worth his salt would willingly fight a superior cybernetic organism for a shot at – you know – doing stuff with her.

@KatyaEliseHenry from mike montoya on Vimeo.

Source: InstagramTwitter


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