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Sexy TwitPics: Katheryn Winnick

01.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

Walkie-talkies, peanut butter, the Wonderbra and Nathan Fillion; these are but a few of Canada's greatest gifts to the people of Earth. None so great, however, as the gift of television's hardest, hottest, savage, Katheryn Winnick. A lover, a thespian, a f**king 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 2nd-Degree Black Belt in Karate, a licensed bodyguard and hotter than the asphalt in Arizona, Kathryn is the kind of hottie you'd gladly be the submissive in the relationship for – I doubt she'd leave any suiter (besides the indestructible Chuck Norris) much of a choice. Katheryn Winnick doesn't merely play a battle-hardened badass on The History Channel's hit series VIKINGS, any more than Pamela Anderson was playing a busty piece of ass on Baywatch. It's who she is in that three-dimensional realm we call reality, her gift for combat utilized to great effect when shaping the legendary shieldmaiden Lagertha. Let's see how her capacity for conquering helps her on the social media battlefield.

Strip her of those aforementioned characteristics and Katheryn is nothing if not an optical illusion, one even Houdini would fail to convincingly re-create. Here's a 38-year-old actress who could easily play a high school senior in a John Hughes movie – okay, that's a bit of a stretch; I'm just saying she looks way younger than 38 and extremely f**kin' hot. Is her age the reason why her social media footprint isn't as pronounced as the one she could leave on the side of an assailant's face? What else could it be? You hardly ever hear her name mentioned in the company of Hollywood's most revered hotties; I can't recall the last time I came across her name on a respected periodical's hot 100 list and is currently under-featured in our own Movie Hotties section, supplanted in favor of some celebrity babes who aren't worthy of sharing oxygen with Katheryn. This is an injustice that should be dealt with immediately. When her character finally meets an inevitable demise, I don't want to see Katheryn fade into obscurity. She's too awesome for such an unceremonious exit from the limelight.

We have no problem focusing on Ms. Winnick, the problem is the absence of Katheryn Winnick content. Even after four reasons on a hit television series, sexy promotional material remains sparse. With 869K followers on Instagram and 1.02M followers on Twitter, you have to wonder if a stronger dedication to the release of frequent sexy images wouldn't help. Not that 1 million followers is peanuts, just disproportionate to what a woman as beautiful and multitalented as Katheryn Winnick deserves. The bigger number on Twitter indicates age may be a factor. Instagram is the province of a younger generation, which means, for the twentysomething hotties, those numbers are inverted. A large number of followers on a Instagram supersedes what could be viewed as underperforming numbers on Twitter (They're not underperforming, it's just the younger crowd favoring one platform over another). But there's a solution – both simple and beneath her – to the problem she faces... more ass pics. It's the only strategic play to winning this war. Like the decision she's constantly faced with on VIKINGS: Will she do whatever it takes to dominate? Lagertha has no problem getting down in the muck; but does Katheryn Winnick?

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